As a Wellbeing Coach, I am here to help you make your life better!

You can find all my services bundled into one program in The Jōrni and its complementary packages.
If you are looking for 1-on-1 sessions and don't know where to start, contact me here. 

All services listed here have been tried and tested on myself for helping me with low mood, worry, stress, and chronic pain. I hope you find something here that works well for your own healing and I would be honored to accompany you on your healing journey.  

ABH Hypno Master
ABNLP Master Practitioner

I am registered as a Practitioner with the American Board of Hypnotherapy and NLP, the Time Line TherapyTM Association, Yoga Alliance, the International Natural Healers Association, and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

How Can I Help?


RYT® 200 Yoga Teacher

I teach yoga as part of the Jōrni to promote wellbeing and health throughout the program. I also offer online yoga classes as a follow up for the Jōrni or for individual classes.

Yoga has been a life-changing experience for me and I hope to pass on some of the profound changes and healing I experienced. Yoga has successfully helped with a variety of health and wellbeing issues. Even if you have never heard of or practiced yoga before, it could be an amazing avenue to try.

Re-connecting your mind and body again, you may just find that Yoga is a wonderful way to help with low mood, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and trauma.


Master Certified Empowerment Life Coach

Everyone gets stuck some time and with a bit of assistance, you will be empowered to get back up, dust yourself off, and follow your dreams. After working my way through decades of depression, I arrived at a point where I just didn't know what I wanted to do. You may find yourself in the same or a similar situation. 

It's normal to feel lost and overwhelmed at some point and this is where life coaching can help. When you need some direction and exploration of what your purpose or mission is, coaching can help with that. It can also help with setting and achieving goals in different areas of your life.


NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Master Coach

NLP might be one of those things you have never heard of. You don't need a reason to want to improve your life, but NLP can be helpful for many things.

NLP is about understanding how we think, feel, and communicate when producing the results we do. Once we understand how we do what we do, we can use the tools and techniques to change and adjust these processes. 

NLP can also be combined with life coaching and can help anyone who wants to change, improve and generally achieve more in their life.


Certified Master Hypnotist

I would invite you to keep an open mind when it comes to hypnosis. We self-hypnotize many times during the day and this state of deep relaxation with heightened focus and concentration can be used to help with many things.  

Hypnosis can be a very powerful healing tool, as well as being gentle and non-invasive. You can participate in live online sessions for a specific issue, or you can listen to pre-recorded sessions. I use hypnosis to support my own healing journey, as well as for supporting my mental and emotional wellbeing.

And I promise I won't turn you into a chicken ;)


Meditation Teacher

Meditation and hypnosis are very similar and some people say they are essentially the same thing. Basically, both meditation and hypnosis are a deep state of relaxation. This state helps bypass your conscious mind, which tends to question and interfere a lot, and go straight to the unconscious mind for profound changes and healing.

There are many benefits to meditation and it is gentle and non-invasive. From quick 5-minute meditations, to walking meditations, or even meditating while eating or cooking, you can find something that fits your busy lifestyle. I also offer meditation tracks you can listen to whenever it is convenient for you.


Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner

Like the name suggests, we can use your life's timeline to create powerful change, including, healing emotional traumas and eradicating unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

I have been working with Time Line Therapy® to help with the traumas I have experienced. It has helped me move past limiting beliefs and it has helped me disconnect from the negative feelings associated with the traumas. I have also worked with Time Line Therapy® for chronic pain.

You can try Time Line Therapy® for yourself to work with any negative emotions, traumas, limiting beliefs, and chronic pain.


Usui Reiki Master

Since we are all made of energy, it makes sense that we could heal ourselves through and with energy. Reiki is a form of energy healing that encourages emotional and physical healing and brings guidance to our lives. 

You can experience Reiki it in person with a practitioner, or you can also experience a distance Reiki session.

Think of it this way - everything is made of energy. And since this energy exists all around and within us, we can connect to anything or anyone through this energy. This is how the Reiki practitioner can connect to clear your energy blockages and to send you healing. 


EFT & TFT Master Tapping Practitioner

We all have energy points in our bodies. And similar to acupuncture, acupressure uses these energy points to release blockages, balance the flow of energy in the body, and to promote health and wellbeing. Tapping might be less known than acupuncture and acupressure, but it works on a similar principle.

Tapping can be extremely helpful for a whole range of issues and it is gentle and non-invasive. I am using tapping to help with depression, anxiety, stress, and chronic pain. The application really is very versatile and might be something to try.


Advanced Ho'oponopono Practitioner

Ho'oponopono might be one of the best-kept secrets out there.

This ancient Hawaiian practice of healing through forgiveness can be used by itself, or in combination with meditation and other healing practices. Experience the transformational healing power of Ho'oponopono in your life. 

I have even combined it with yoga, meditation, and tapping and the results are amazing. For a sense of wellbeing, positivity, wholeness, and balance, find out more about Ho'oponopono.